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Progressive Enhancement & Intentional Degradation 2

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February 4, 2009 5:45 AM

Grand Denver Hyatt, 1750 Welton St, Denver, CO 80202

Grand Denver Hyatt, 1750 Welton St, Denver, CO 80202

In the summer of ‘07 in a flood-soaked Oxford, England, Elliot appeared on stage for the very first time. His presentation, “Progressive Enhancement & Intentional Degradation”, looked at how to reward modern browsers with the latest CSS tricks and punish IE by dropping certain site features; but almost two years on, what has changed? Very little, but there’s movement. Now, Elliot returns to the subject and examines the tools we can now start using for progressive enhancement: font embedding, text shadows, and other features of the CSS2.1 and CSS3 specs, in spite of their glacially slow adoption. We’ll look at the issues surrounding font embedding; the arguments about browser support; the potentially controversial irrelevance of validation; and how we can attempt to reach the future sooner by writing forward-thinking code.

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