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Surprising Truth about Kanban Improvements

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September 15, 2011 12:20 PM

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Many people still treat Kanban as project management or software development method, which it isn't. However even for those who consider Kanban as change management framework the mechanics of improvements fostered by Kanban remains somewhat vague. The nature of the method which often results in improvements introduced subconsciously doesn't really help.

When we think about Kanban improvements we usually expect simple dependencies, e.g. we introduce visualization so everyone knows better what the current status of the project is. At the same time many changes incepted by Kanban are hardly predictable, which is a reason why the method is sometimes undervalued and dubbed as a simple workflow approach.

The session will discuss a real-life example of a chain of changes in team behavior after introducing Kanban. Connections between each step will be drawn to show how people and teamwork has changed and how it was all started with introducing a very simple tool - Kanban.

After the presentation the audience should learn how much improvement potential can be introduced and how many different areas are affected by Kanban adoption.

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