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Making SharePoint Usable and Useful

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September 16, 2011 11:40 AM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

The success of any Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) depends on how well and how willingly employees use it. Employees expect work systems to be as fast, simple and intuitive as consumer technology yet internal business systems— ECM to Intranet — are generally purchased and implemented by senior executives and IT managers who are not the primary end users. Little thought is given to user experience or design as these installations are viewed as utility software such as email or timesheets. Businesses soon discover that installing SharePoint ‘out of the box’ and expecting employees to embrace it does not realize the potential of the technology. Often, after a brief flurry of use by interested first adopters, employees find the evolving interface and architecture difficult to follow and confusing to navigate so they may stop using it and return to their previous information hoarding habits. By applying even the simplest of best practices, governance, and strategies for user adoption, the odds of SharePoint fulfilling its promise increase. Using case studies, attendees will learn how to introduce user experience to commonly IT-driven SharePoint content management and collaboration sites.

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