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How do I reset my Google account password?

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March 23, 2020 12:00 PM

new city, NY

new city, NY

Process to Reset the Google Account Password?

Google account is the digital service which is one of the essential parts of life either it is searching on Google Maps or using cloud storage like Google Drive, everything needs Google Account but sometimes, performing account recovery becomes a necessity where a user needs to follow the recovery process.

Password Reset by Phone Number • Go online. Visit website of Gmail and enter Email ID, click on Forgot Password.

• Give Credentials. Enter the Gmail ID and click on Next then Click on Try Another Way.

• Choose Number & get the text. Select the option to get the OTP on the mobile number and enter the OTP.

• Create Password. Create a new password & confirm it.

Password Reset By Trusted Device

The First & Second step remains intact, the user needs to make the change at the third step. Select option of Trusted device > Tap on Sign-in on the trusted device & enter code > Click Continue > create a new password. Password Reset By Security Question

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