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Over-the-Air Distribution for iOS

A talk by Tony Wang at /dev/world/2011

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September 28, 2011 6:00 AM

Rydges Bell City, Melbourne

Rydges Bell City, Melbourne

If you have tried distributing iOS apps to your client overseas or sending your app to your beta testers, you will know the distribution process can be very troublesome for both iOS developers and users. This session will help you solve this problem and make distribution process much easier. Users will be able to install your app on their device while they are walking or on the bus with just a few clicks.

This talk will cover simple ways get device UDIDs, easy ways for user to download your app via 3G or WiFi, and existing services you can use to help you distribute, such as Testflight. (It does not cover distribution via App store or enterprise in-house distribution).

It will change the way you distribute iOS apps... all over again.

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