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Buzz It For Real ! ... the tortuous road to Mobile HTML5 Apps

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October 2, 2011 6:45 AM

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

For many out there HTML5 is nothing more than an acronym to use during some geek conversation in order to show off some pretending modern knowledge. This is probably what happened here as well at the very beginning of our recent web challenge: "...come on guys, let's buzz!!!"

Mobile HTML5 Development is extremely challenging and exciting but it can also be frustrating if we don't keep in mind problems and solutions never faced in the Desktop Web. Dealing with standards not complete yet, fragmented builds of the same product, facing both weakness and potentials of these portable devices, this is just a slice of what we are doing on daily basis in Nokia R&D.

This talk is about main technical problems, solutions, and goals achieved while we were building our online Maps application and we hope to inspire and give useful tips to anybody that is dealing with building HTML5 apps for iOS and Android.

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