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JsViews: Next generation jQuery Templates and Data Link

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October 1, 2011 11:45 AM

Boston, MA, USA

Boston, MA, USA

Come and see the future of jQuery Templates, as it moves from Beta1 towards a V1 product. The new jQuery Templates is taking two forms: JsRender – lean and mean, for fast rendering of templates as strings, and JsViews – for powerful interactive browser apps in which Data Link and Templates work hand-in-hand. See how with declarative data linking and templating together, creating powerful data-driven UI is easy, whether using MVVM patterns or binding directly to JSON, and whatever the richness or complexity of the underlying data. jQuery UI is already building its future data-bound widgets on top of this technology. With JsViews and JsRender integration between jQuery UI controls and your own data and UI becomes trivially straightforward.

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