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The Responsive Web - Programming for the User

A talk by Matthew Carver at HTML5.tx

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October 8, 2011 9:00 AM

St. Edward's Ragsdale Center Austin, TX

St. Edward's Ragsdale Center Austin, TX

As people start to engage the web with mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles, netbooks and even their crappy old desktops, front end developers are presented with a new set of challenges. Historically the standard has been to try to appeal to the highest sect of people, and if you plan to have your site viewed on mobile or a tablet, you better redirect your user. In this session I plan on enlightening my fellow front-end wizards on a new way, the responsive web. During the session we'll talk about building a site that responds to the users viewport, using media queries to perfect your layout, how to use @import to keep your stylesheets under control, and the ever tricky fluid images.

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