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How to use Google Hangout on Mac?

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May 13, 2020 12:00 PM

Los Angeles,CA,USA

Los Angeles,CA,USA

How to use Google hangout on MAC Devices?

Google hangout is yet another communication software introduced by the Google engine for better communication with the help of voice, text or video calls. And a lot of people use Googe hangouts for communicating with business clients, while working from home and even taking online classes.

Using Google hangout on MAC

Just like the other features of the Google, Hangout can also be used on all kinds of devices. And to find out how to use Google hangouts on Mac devices, follow below given steps.

Steps to use Google hangout on mac

1.On your Mac device, and open the messages section and pull down the message menu and tap on add account option in the pop up.

2.Now from all the options given below, select Google from the account types.

3.Now using the account username and password, sign in your account and add Google hangout to the message app in the menu section of the MAC.

4.Cross check all the steps and save the changes. And now you can easily use the Hangout feature in your Mac device.

Following above steps, you can easily find out how to use Google hangouts. In case of doubts, contact customer care.

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