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QuickUI: an object-oriented alternative UI framework for jQuery

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October 2, 2011 6:15 AM

Boston, MA, USA

Boston, MA, USA

While jQuery UI is the de facto UI framework for jQuery, the platform certainly enables other possibilities. One alternative is QuickUI (, an object-oriented user interface framework in which controls (widgets) are authored in a declarative markup language that’s essentially HTML with the ability to create new tags. QuickUI markup is compiled into legible and debuggable JavaScript classes, enabling an ecosystem of modular, composable, and easily subclassable controls. QuickUI controls allow all the goodness of object-oriented design to be applied to UI construction, and permit the creation of a common set of design artifacts for UI designers and developers. Jan presents the basics of control creation in QuickUI, highlights aspects of interest to the general jQuery audience, and shares lessons from using QuickUI at Cozi.

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