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Go big or go home? Not when it comes to the mobile web

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October 2, 2011 7:45 AM

Boston, MA, USA

Boston, MA, USA

With the mobile web emerging as a major platform to target, what are some of the best practices and development tools to aid us in creating beautiful, usable and engaging sites? In this talk, I will walk through how designing and developing for mobile web sites is a whole separate beast than the "Normal" web. I'll cover some basic UI/UX elements, handling touch based events and the "Grandma" approach I like to use. I will introduce a couple of mobile frameworks and why frameworks in general are an important tool in the mobile development space. The 5 frameworks that I will be providing overviews on are JQTouch, Sencha Touch, Dojo Mobile, The M-Project and jQuery Mobile. After this talk, anyone new or interested in the process of creating mobile web sites will have a good sense of where to start, where to go and some general good ideas to get their feet wet.

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