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Optimizing Animations on Canvas

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October 2, 2011 10:45 AM

Boston, MA, USA

Boston, MA, USA

Native browser features like CSS animations and Canvas have enabled us to deliver rich, engaging experiences without the annoying plugin. However, there is a wide performance gap between the various desktop browsers, and it only gets wider when you consider tablet and phone browsers. In this session, Glenn Barnett will share lessons learned in game development using Canvas, Inline SVG and CSS3, targeting both tablet and desktop clients. Topics include: * Setting up the basic animation loop * Canvas fundamentals * Canvas performance pitfalls and optimizations * How reordering and simplifying your canvas drawing routines can increase your frame rate * What canvas operations to avoid at all costs * When and why to bring in a second, third, or fourth canvas * CPU-efficient canvas graphical effects and tricks * How to leverage hardware acceleration for off-canvas animations * Inline SVG animations with jQuery

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