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Shopify <3 Adhearsion

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October 8, 2011 7:45 AM

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

At Shopify, we have 16,000 stores and we handle all sales and support calls in house. We needed a fast, flexible and reliable way of handling these calls, and none of the applications we found met our needs. So we did what any good geek would do: we rolled our own. Adhearsion made this possible. It simplified the onerous task of building an Asterisk-based app. Within less than a month, we had a functional app used in production by all of our agents, serving real customers. Along with showing callers, queue stats, and agent statuses, our "Q" app also displays information about customers and their shops; allowing agents to better serve them. Not bad for a team of two! Our presentation will start with a demo of "Q", and an overview of the Adhearsion components that it uses. We'll talk about the technologies that we also used, namely websockets, and the Sinatra and Batman.js frameworks ( Finally, we'll show the audience how easy it is to make a simple app using Adhearsion and Batman.js.

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