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Progressive Prototyping

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October 13, 2011 9:45 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Spend half-a-day with designers Todd Zaki Warfel and Matt Ventre in this hands-on action-packed workshop. They’ll ease you into prototyping with some handy tricks for paper prototyping dynamic interactions like progressive reveal and just about any interaction you can dream up. Then they’ll kick it up a notch and show you how easy it is to design and prototype with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. If you’ve never written a single line of code, don’t worry. They’ll have you writing jQuery functions before the end of the day. And if you’re a code jockey, you’re still guaranteed to walk away with a few new techniques.

Todd and Matt will take you through a progression of several examples that will teach you how to:

Start by designing with data before you ever drop a single box or arrow into your design
Determine the right level of visual and functionality fidelity for your prototype
Design and prototype with HTML5—it’s so much easier than that legacy HTML stuff
Use CSS3 to create sexy buttons and linear gradients without the use of background images or sliding doors
Make your designs bulletproof and responsive for desktops, tablets and mobile devices
Create a flexible responsive grid w/just 13 lines of CSS
Pull off awesome jQuery transitions and effects in just a couple of lines of code

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and favorite code editor. Sample files and source code will be provided. If you’ve been thinking about designing in code, this workshop will show you just how easy it is.

Not sure you want to spend half a day on prototyping? You might want to check out Todd and Matt’s condensed version of this talk Progressive Prototyping (condensed) which will not be as hands on.

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