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Designing Mobile Experiences

A talk by Brian Fling at edUi 2011

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October 13, 2011 9:45 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Great mobile design doesn’t start in Photoshop, it starts by understanding the users, the goals, the intended devices and a million other tiny variables. Who better to solve these problems than the designer?

In this workshop led by Brian Fling, author of O’Reilly’s Mobile Design and Development, we will deconstruct a variety of successful mobile experiences from the old green screens to today’s hottest iPhone apps. We’ll identify what works in the mobile context and why. But more importantly we’ll learn how we can design incredible mobile experiences for educators today and for tomorrow.

Not quite ready to dive into a half-day on all things mobile? Maybe you should check out Brian’s one-hour session “Six Rules for Designing Amazing Mobile Apps“.

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