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Kanban Weak Spots

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October 18, 2011 11:30 AM



Kanban is considered very light-weight yet very effective method helping teams to organize their work and make their flow effective but most importantly to foster continuous improvement. Cost of introducing Kanban is very low and usually first effects of its implementation show up pretty quickly. However it doesn't mean that Kanban will survive in any environment. The method has some weak spots, which a team should take care of, otherwise there can be little value of introducing it.

Addressing potential issues related to Kanban implementation is as crucial to its success as knowing its strengths. It is also very important to plan for those risks so a team can get much value out of introducing them method.

The presentation discusses a number of different Kanban weak spots, showing their negative effects and advising how they can be avoided which helps teams to make improvements fostered by Kanban sustainable.

Both: problems and solutions are based on real-life stories of teams facing issues connected with adopting Kanban.

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