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Specification by Example using GUI tests – how could that work?

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November 15, 2011 5:30 AM

Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam, Germany

If the GUI for the new feature isn’t built yet, how can you specify the tests in a GUI test tool? There’s nothing there to click on and record as a test script! Teams using Specification by Example or ATDD generally use tools like Fitnesse and Cucumber which go in under the GUI, partly to get around this problem. In this talk we’ll be looking at a GUI test tool called StoryText* and using it to specify tests even before the GUI is built.

The advantage of a GUI test tool is that non-programmers can quickly get up and running with it. The biggest disadvantage is often that the tests are hard to maintain. We'd like to show you how we're using StoryText to assist collaboration between programmers and non-programming testers, and create maintainable tests in a domain language. We'll also give you a demo of how we can specify tests in advance of the GUI being built. Our aim is to show you how Specification by Example could work with a GUI test tool.

*StoryText was previously called "PyUseCase" is an open source tool, currently used to test applications written using Eclipse Rich Client Platform and Swing on the JVM, pyGTK and Tkinter for Python.

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