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Does pair programing have to suck?

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November 4, 2011 11:00 AM

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

On some teams, pairing is the norm, and some developers really enjoy the collaboration, experiencing enhanced productivity.Others work on teams where pairing is shunned, avoided, or... faked.

I have been on a quest to discover, on the one hand, why some who call themselves craftsmen love pairing, and others want nothing to do with it. I did a short survey about pairing attitudes, and comparing successful and unsuccessful pairing experiences.

The survey produced some really clear results. Some factors most of us think are really important to a good pairing session turned out to be... meh. Other factors, though, stood out, hands down, as clearly separating good from bad pairing experiences.

I'd like to talk about these survey results, and have an honest discussion about why pairing sucks or doesn't suck, and how we can bring the two sides together.

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