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Everybody Polyglot!

A talk by Rusty Klophaus at ErlangDC

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December 3, 2011 10:40 AM

AOL Campus, 22000 AOL Way Dulles, VA 20166

AOL Campus, 22000 AOL Way Dulles, VA 20166

Life ain't perfect. Sometimes, you need to use Ruby, Java, or even (gasp!) PHP. Once you finish making those gagging noises, it's a good idea to strategize ways to get Erlang back into your life as soon as possible. Knowing how to make Erlang play nicely with other languages is a good first step.

In this talk, Rusty will discuss three different approaches to cross-language communication in Erlang: REST, Protocol Buffers, and Bert-RPC. He will cover basic philosophies of the different approaches, usage (with code samples), and tradeoffs.

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