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Building Voice and SMS Communications Apps using the Voxeo Tropo API

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January 28, 2012 4:00 AM

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton

How to quickly build and deploy Cloud Telephony SMS and Voice Applications using the Tropo API by Voxeo using .NET, Groovy, Java, PHP, Python or Ruby.

There is an upwards trend in multi-channel communications applications and startups that leverage voice, SMS, IM, and social networks. We will demonstrate how to quickly add multi-channel communications to your applications to easily send and receive SMS text messages as well as place and receive phone calls using Voxeo's Tropo API.


What is Cloud Telephony The Benefits of using Cloud Based Telephony Platforms like Tropo to quickly build IVR Prototypes The different Tropo language options Available Tropo methods A DTMF and Speech Recognition with Tropo how-to Accessng external resources Deploying and managing Tropo scripts Provisioning channels Live coding of a Tropo Demo App Wrap up

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