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TDE, oh what fun! Auditing, no!

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January 19, 2012 1:00 PM

Microsoft, 7595 Technology Way, Denver, CO

Microsoft, 7595 Technology Way, Denver, CO

I have this database which must meet all of these governmental regulations. Just like the government to make life a lot harder but wait, now they say I most also meet International regulations. Can this be true? Why me? Let's look at what we can do to help us pass audits and comply with the laws around us. We will explore the features in SQL Server 2008 which help us.

I need to install TDE, what do I do? Move the database to other server, can I do that? I used certificates, can I change them. I don’t like governments making me do all this stuff, it complicates my database. What does TDE do to my backups? Can I remove it? Auditing, no, let’s run for the hills. Let’s see how Sql Server can help us with these issues.

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