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Communicating Change to Your Users

A talk by Scott Kubie

About the Talk

February 24, 2012 6:30 AM

Catchfire Media

Catchfire Media

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As more and more people rely on easily-updated — and frequently iterated — web and mobile apps to accomplish tasks, the need to communicate effectively about changes to those apps and services is increasingly important. Unfortunately, changes in software and websites are often communicated with a cavalier attitude -- if it all. If you've ever hesitated to update an important app after seeing nothing more than "Bug fixes and enhancements" in the changelog, you understand the problem.

In this session, we'll discuss why it's important to communicate clearly about change, why we often don't, and how to do it better. We'll delve into case studies of industry best and worst practices, from the successful rollout of "#NewNewTwitter" to the unsuccessful (and bizarre) PR backpedaling of the Netflix/Qwikster saga.

What You Will Learn

Techniques leading web and mobile services use to communicate change to their users.

How to break "bad news" to your users, such as removing a feature some have grown fond of.

What kinds of changes you can safely stay mute on.

How to use dialog and additional communication channels such as social media to improve the conversation.

How to better document changes on fast-moving projects.

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