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Erlang for .NET Developers

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March 30, 2012 9:25 AM

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

For many years a large number of developers have found comfort in the Microsoft world. From the early days of COM through to the later years of .NET, these developers have managed to get by working within the realms of a single technology at a time. The idea of monoglot programming is no longer sustainable. No single runtime or language exists which can best solve every problem that developers face.

.NET developers are realising that there is more to life and technology than .NET, and they are starting to reach out to see what other tools are available to help them solve their problems in new and interesting ways. Those people looking to build highly-available systems with serious uptime need look no further than Erlang.

Erlang -- the battle-hardened, fault-tolerant, easily distributed language and runtime from Ericsson -- was designed from the ground up to deal with failure, concurrency and distribution. This talk will cover some of the features of Erlang, describe key areas of the language in ways that .NET developers can relate to, highlight areas of your architecture that can be replaced with Erlang components, and show that integrating Erlang with your .NET applications is much easier than expected.

Talk objectives: Help people understand the benefits of using the right tool. Highlight ways to integrate Erlang and to clarify any myths around Erlang's viability as a platform particularly in the Microsoft world.

Target audience: Erlang beginners and .NET/Java developers, integrators, architects.

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