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Just-in-time compiler for the Erlang VM

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March 30, 2012 10:15 AM

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

After the success of the Java Hot Spot VM, just-in-time compilers are become more and more popular in more and more languages. Just-in-time compilers attempt to make code run faster by compiling parts of your programs to native code in order to speed up execution time. Just-in-time compilers have been shown to speed up performance by up to a factor of 5 for specific benchmarks and it is about time that the Erlang VM is fitted with one of its own.

This talk will give a brief overview of the different approaches one can take to just-in-time compiling and then dive into the details of how the Erlang VM executes code. After laying the ground work I will try to explain how a JIT can be done for the Erlang VM and finish of with a status report of what work has been done so far.

Talk objectives: Explain how a JIT compiler could be implemented for the Erlang VM and report on what has been done so far in the prototype at Ericsson.

Target audience: Developers interested in future developments and details of the Erlang VM.

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