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Erlang End-To-End - Building and Managing Connected Devices

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March 30, 2012 10:15 AM

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel 609 Sutter Street San Francisco

How do you remotely manage and debug embedded devices over intermittent and sometimes bad communication links? How can you achieve high productivity and short time to market, and still take advantage of the latest developments in device hardware technology? Is it possible to do high-performance touch screen graphics from Erlang? Feuerlabs announced its birth at the EUC 2011, and is now busy on its first customer projects. The market for Connected Devices is poised for explosive growth, and there is a great need for powerful software innovation. Using Erlang for our end-to-end solution offers many benefits. Erlang in the backend is a no-brainer - its support for scalable and reliable systems is well known. In this presentation, we will describe why Erlang also is a great fit for the embedded device side. We will talk about our first applications, describe our progress towards the Open Source release of the Exosense Device Programming platform, and highlight some novel approaches to some of the problems in this domain.

Talk objectives: Demonstrate Erlang's suitability for developing applications on Connected Devices

Target audience: People looking for new exciting product opportunities and Erlang programmers and architects.

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