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"Help! I Have an Internet Stalker or Blackmailer!"

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March 13, 2012 1:00 PM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

The benevolent Internet promotes expression, collaboration and experimentation. But the current legal scheme can make the Internet a place where digital tracks persist long after their intended use. In a world of d0xing and h8ing, we face a critical juncture for reconciling freedom of speech with privacy. This panel will review of norms of online and offline conduct and suggest possible ways of striking a balance, without breaking the Internet along the way.

  1. Reputation Bankruptcy may be an option to rehabilitate a ruined reputation in the reputation economy, and a solution to peer-to-peer privacy problems.

  2. (Re)Contextualization has pros and cons as a remedy in a legal scheme when third-party online speech is treated differently from printed speech.

  3. Disownership of Content: Should "disown this" features become the norm, allowing users to release content into the wild?

  4. Ephemerality: Should certain types of content be designed to degrade over time?

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