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Clutter is King

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March 24, 2012 9:30 AM

New Orleans

New Orleans

It's pretty obvious that people love to pile up paper and documents in their offices — it's one of the big reasons that the mythical paperless office has yet to materialise.

There's been a lot of research around this, and a variety of fascinating academia looking at the ways we can design support systems for such messiness.

It's all very interesting but nobody thinks about applying this knowledge — the knowledge that people are inherently messy and often find it more empowering and easier to be messy, and actually feel quite organised by being messy — to the design of real world products and applications.

In this fast paced session, hear the adventures of two information management/HCI researchers who also work in the game design industry and learn how our UX and product design can be informed by people's messy desks.

Hats are optional for all attendees, but are strongly recommended.

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