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Building a Transactional, Scaled Application Using Infinispan and Java EE

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April 19, 2012 12:00 PM

Billund, Denmark

Billund, Denmark

In this live coding session Galder will show the audience how to build a transactional application that can massively scale out it's data tier. As he builds the demo, Galder will introduce the audience to the core concepts of Infinispan, giving the audience the knowledge they need to start using Infinispan in their own projects. Galder will start with a simple application storing data in a map, add Infinispan, show how you can manage and monitor the cache, and add in notifications. Next, he will add a JMS and show how you can use distributed transactions to interact with JMS. Finally, he'll scale the application out using Infinispan's distribution mode, show how you can access the cache using REST and store the data to non-volatile storage.

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