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April 19, 2012 1:30 PM

Microsoft office

Microsoft office

The worst customer service I have ever personally experienced was directly tied to a company’s failure to have an effective Master Data Management (MDM) system.

Most companies have multiple data sources that track the exact same data. Retail operations have multiple point of sale systems (internet, phone, bricks and mortar); health care providers have multiple applications for specialties (Radiology, oncology, etc.); finance companies have multiple systems based on products (mortgages, other loans, checking and savings accounts). These systems track the same or similar data (e.g. all systems track customers) and can maintain completely different information about the same thing. This arises from human data entries and failure to manage the critical nouns for the company and a lack of effective MDM solutions in the market.

ETL solutions in the BI stack are perfectly positioned to manage this data, reconcile the differences and maintain consistency across an enterprise. I will speak about what I consider to be the four main jobs of any MDM system and how to incorporate these into an ETL system:

Identify data inconsistencies
Reconcile those differences (programmatically if possible)
Synchronize reconciled data with source systems
Send any un-reconciled data to humans for resolution

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