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Become a PowerShell Pop Star

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May 12, 2012 5:15 AM

Jefferson State Community College Shelby-Hoover Campus

Jefferson State Community College Shelby-Hoover Campus

So you've heard about this cool scripting language from Microsoft called PowerShell. Maybe you've even thought "I need to learn something about that." Well today is your lucky day, in this session we'll take you from a PowerShell "noob" to Pop Star in one fast paced demo filled session. We'll start with the basics, cmdlets, variables, and providers. Then we'll look a quick look programming fundamentals, such as as branching, looping, script blocks and variable scoping. Finally we'll get into the advanced, fun stuff like functions, error handling, working with file types and wrap it up with creating a spiffy user interface. They'll be rolling out the red carpet when you get back to work Monday for the newest PowerShell Pop Star.

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