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SpeakerRate is for…

  • Event Organizers

    Event Organizer

    Find the perfect speakers for your event based on real audience ratings and recommendations.

    Get feedback on your event. See which talks and speakers were the biggest hit.

  • Attendees

    Event Attendees

    Find the best speakers at events you’re attending.

    Rate, recommend, and discuss talks, speakers, and events.

  • Speakers

    Event Speaker

    Build your reputation and develop a speaking résumé — earn more speaking gigs.

    Improve your speaking skills with real feedback from attendees.


SpeakerRate rating interface

Recommend the Speakers and Events You Love

Attendees leave anonymous ratings or public comments on talks, and recommend their favorite speakers and events with one click.

SpeakerRate Dashboard View

Improve Your Speaking Stats

Speakers see ratings, comments, and recommendations they've received on a personal dashboard.

Speakers watch their stats improve with more talks and recommendations.

Create a Hub for Events

Organizers list the talks and speakers for their event and get feedback, ratings, and recommendations to help plan future events.